On the road - Lisabon

What have you come up with now, you crazy old man?

What have you come up with now, you crazy old man?

At the beginning of last year, the being I existed in for 32 years of joint life with my wife, has split up into two parts.  Her half moved into eternity, mine remained and had to fill the whole spiritual space we created together. I stretched and expanded, at the same time collecting a substantial number of traits and habits she brought into this mutual being of ours. I became tidier, more responsible, more organized, and far more physically active. These are the traits I almost did not have prior to marriage, she added them all. The last three qualities are probably the most important to the story emerging, which will be covered on this blog. 

On the road - Lisabon, With and without connection

And, finally, what?

Riding a bike to Lisbon

Nothing special, let’s move on.

I didn’t know if I could.
But I knew I had to, so it didn’t matter. This was not a cycling tour, but self-therapy.
Google says: 10000km in 94 days, but Google counts every movement, including walks around the city, detours and the like.
My calculation says: 8500km.
Anyway, I found what I was looking for, even though I didn’t know what I was looking for when I started.

Africa, get ready for my Zorka Cube and me!

With and without connection



I have a backyard, again.
I moved into a two-story house, divided into four apartments, sharing a common backyard. Even though there are no fences, and no one is considering putting them up, it is clear which part of the backyard belongs to whom.
One would not be able to describe it as luxurious, but for sure, it is neat. Tenants have plans on how to make it more beautiful, but most of them have just moved in recently. Some moved in a year ago, some six months ago. I am not saying that they were waiting for me, there just wasn’t enough time to do anything else but clean the space.