What do you mean, this is not a travel blog?

It isn`t because I will not allow it to become one!

Anyone who was old enough in Serbia, in 90’s to witness the „defence of the bridges“, war euphoria, chasing through the streets of Belgrade on October 5th and those kind of stuff, had to become untolerant to anything that smell like collectivism and taking sides. I don’t want to take sides, don’t want to be a part of any group, association, no matter how good intentions they have or if they might bring some benefits to me.

By the way, I do not even like travel blogs

The vast majority of them (knowingly or unknowingly) sound like “hey, look where I’ve been, what I’ve seen, what I’ve eaten… you have to try it!”. . .  I do not care if you can’t do it because you’re stupid or you can not afford to travel.”

Also, reading travel blogs and taking trips during which you are guided by their advices and help, simply kills 90% of the magic of travel itself.

There is nothing that you just „have to see“ or „have to try“, because while you are missing out on something, you are at the same time seeing and experiencing something else, often just as nice and as important as so-called “must do”. Every trip is a pure gain, no matter if you have visited all the famous tourist sites or none of them. One, just one new acquaintance can be far more important and valuable than any cathedral or the magnificent bridge you have passed. It is highly important to avoid any mistakes that could cause you to go back without even starting the journey properly, everything else can be solved along the way.

Every journey is different, even if it is the same road and the same person crossing it.
Remember that butterflies in Sumatra are constantly flapping their wings, the frequencies are accumulating and growing to unimaginable dimensions.

That is why I will try not to give any advice, simply describe, film and convey my own experiences, that seem interesting enough to share. If any of you find this reading to be pleasant, great. If not, who cares.