I am a sixty years old cycling aficionado, blogger, writer ( better known in the online world as @raindogbor) and a recent retiree, living in Bor, Serbia.
My latest project, concocted during sleepless nights after the loss of my wife Dragana, is to cycle solo from Serbia to Portugal and back, over four months and 8500 kms, all while documenting online at my blog and social networks, first in Serbian and then in English for a wider audience.

I am raising funds for this big adventure.


Like many others, I didn’t live a healthy active lifestyle, though I frequently enjoyed a cup of hot coffee in the great outdoors or spent the afternoon after work taking long walks with my wife, daughter, and granddaughter.
Now the time has come for me to work on myself, adopting a healthy and active lifestyle. My new friend, a bicycle by the name of Zorka, has helped me shed excess weight and led me to the gym and new energy and new perspective of the world and my place in it.


Lisbon is the most beautiful city on Earth, where I spent the most wonderful days of my life with my wife Dragana. I have written about it in one of my previous blogs. Besides, Lisbon contains the cultural history of Europe and is the westernmost point of continental Europe, which can be reached by way of several fascinating routes.

Beginning in the Spring of 2023, from Bor (Serbia), me and my faithful bike Zorka will travel the southern route through Montenegro, Italy, France and Spain, returning via the central route through Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.


Zorka and I will travel solo, taking essential gear and sleeping in campgrounds or wherever I can pitch my tent. Should meteorological conditions require it, I will find accommodation in nearby hostels or rely on the locals for help.
A team of volunteers is actively assisting me in the preparations and will remain in contact with me throughout my adventure. They are experienced cyclists, trainers, nutritionists, editors and a marketing and social media team, a dozen loyal team members.

I am confident that my travels will inspire other people in retirement to pursue a healthier lifestyle or motivate them to retire earlier, allowing themselves more healthy active years in retirement.

My team and I plan to outreach and influence, on social media, as well as in traditional media and other venues, so that others could plan their own transformation, their own journey into healthier, more active retirement.


It is not an expensive trip, but it costs too much for a retiree from Serbia.

I estimate the cost at 9000 euros in total (including equipment). I have already allocated some personal funds for the financing of basic equipment for the trip, which includes some gear, necessary documents, campground fees, health insurance and other items.

I im trying to raise 6000 euros to cover the shortfall in expenses.

I am also hoping to collaborate with people and brands with missions and products which align with the mission and spirit of this adventure and healthy active lifestyle.

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